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November 1, 2016

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use insulin effectively. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that allows glucose from food to enter the body’s cells where it is converted into energy needed by muscles and tissues to function. A person with diabetes does not absorb glucose properly, and glucose remains circulating in the blood damaging body tissues over time. This damage can lead to disabling and life-threatening complications.

Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas Sixth Edition, International Diabetes Federation 2013

November 1, 2016

Projection of Number of People with Diabetes, IDF 2013:

Number of People with Diabetes by Region, IDF 2013:

Other Diabetes Statistics, IDF 2013:

  • More than 21 million live births were affected by diabetes during pregnancy in 2013.

  • Diabetes caused 5.1 million deaths in 2013.

  • Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes.

  • Diabetes caused at least  USD 548 billion dollars  in health expenditure in  2013.

  • More than 79,000 children developed type 1 diabetes in 2013.

  • The greatest number of people with diabetes are between 40 and 59 years of age.

Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas Sixth Edition, International D...

October 31, 2016

Type 1 Diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is caused by an autoimmune reaction, where the body’s defense system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. As a result, the body can no longer produce the insulin it needs. Why this occurs is not fully understood. The disease can affect people of any age, but usually occurs in children or young adults. People with this form of diabetes need insulin every day in order to control the levels of glucose in their blood. Without insulin, a person with type 1 diabetes will die.

People with type 1 diabetes can lead a normal, healthy life through a combination of daily insulin therapy, close monitoring, a heal...

October 30, 2016

1a. Myth: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.
1b. Fact: Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role. Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight.

2a. Myth: Eating too many sweets causes diabetes.
2b. Fact: No, eating too much sugar will not cause diabetes. However, if y...

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