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About Us

Meet the BeatDiabetes Team.

Our Story


Our story began nine years ago when I suddenly started losing a significant amount of weight. I was eating, exercising, and sleeping normally, but none of the doctors we visited could pinpoint the problem. It wasn’t until a family friend noticed a sweet smell on my breath that I was told I had Type 1 diabetes. As I tried to continue on with my life with this new illness, I realized that many of my close friends had misconceptions about diabetes that weren't due to malicious intent, but simply from a lack of awareness of this condition. With the support of my family and the drive to educate my peers, I made it my mission to become an advocate for diabetes prevention and eventually founded the first Diabetes awareness organization, DiaBeaters, at UCLA along with my brother Kevin in 2014.


After graduation, not only did I want to continue my work with DiaBeaters, but I also wanted to spread diabetes awareness to other communities. In 2016, Kevin and I founded BeatDiabetes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diabetes awareness and prevention, with the hopes of unraveling society's misconceptions about diabetes and helping future generations achieve healthier lifestyles.

Megan Cory

Co-Founder & Executive Director

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